so you're inspired. now what?

We spend the day looking at awesome stuff other people do and before we know it, it's bedtime. And we've made nothing of our own.

so you're inspired. now what?

How often do you act on the things that inspire you?

Let's imagine a typical Saturday morning. You're awake and scrolling one social feed after another.

See a gorgeous flower arrangement—keep scrolling.

Breeze past a delicious looking dinner idea—keep scrolling.

Notice a super tight butt and think about doing some squats—keep scrolling.

We're surrounded by cool things all the time. And as a result of that overload, we're acting on our own inspirations less and less. Just when we thought Pinterest was a gold mine, we noticed that it stifles our own creativity rather than fostering it. We spend the day looking at awesome stuff other people do and before we know it, it's bedtime. And we've made nothing of our own.

We don't know about y'all, but that's not how we want to continue living. So instead, we're making a conscious effort to do something when we feel butterflies. Want to try it with us?

1. Speak Up

If you notice that someone has done something beautiful, the very least you could do with that inspiration is speak on it. Tell them!

Leave a detailed comment, or better yet, send a quick email. Tell them that their work means something to you. Imagine being on the receiving end of that note! It'll be quite the breath of fresh air from Insta emoji comments. 

2. Break it Down

Stop right away. When you see something that tugs at you, hit the pause button. Really study it and ask yourself, "Why does this move me?" 

Is it the colors? The lighting? The design? The words or idea?

Does it make you want to emulate it or do something totally fresh on your own?

When we start paying attention to the why, we can learn a lot about ourselves and the kind of work we want to do in our own lives. 

3. Make a Plan

Let's say you stumble upon something cool and want to do something similar. You can't just leave it at that. Because we all know it won't get done if you keep scrolling. You have to snap out of the scroll and get present. When can you make this thing happen? What supplies do you need? Where will you go? What will you do? When?

If all you do is take a screenshot or pin it to a board, it'll likely never happen. But if you take the time to prioritize it, you're much more likely to see results.

4. See it in real life

Back to that whole screenshot thing—if you've got 900 pictures of a living room on your phone, you're likely to breeze right past them. What if instead, you printed pictures or tore out layouts from magazines, and collected fabric swatches you can actually touch?

By whittling down the things that you like to a tangible, curated collection, you can focus without getting overwhelmed. Put what you love right in front of your face, away from tech. 


We really do get it. It's easy to scroll and pin and screen-grab. But most of the time, that's as far as it goes. And we want you to have better. We want you to do the stuff you love.

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