5 reasons you need a coach

This isn't like asking your husband what he thinks you should blog about—this is someone who knows what will help you be successful.

5 reasons you need a coach

Entrepreneurs are obsessed with information. And luckily, there's an abundance of it around. But what happens when push comes to shove and it's time to actually put all those articles you've read into practice? How do you know what to do first?

The thing is, you need more than just ideas. You need help. You need an advisor who knows you and knows what the next right thing is.

You need a coach.


1. To strategize

You might know your end goal, but when you look down at the piece of paper, it's next to impossible to imagine yourself getting there. What are all the steps along the way?

You need help to make a plan.

A coach helps with both the big picture and small details of your goals. You tell them what you have in mind, and they'll help you make a plan to get there. A good coach uncovers even more by reading between the lines of what you share, and will help you further hone your purpose.

We help our clients form a big picture strategy and then break it down into quarters, months, weeks, and days. It's all about systemizing what needs to happen so you can wade through the waters and reach the end goal. 

2. To plow through the muck

If you're like us, you've got nine million ideas in your head. The tabs open on your computer could rival the amount of shoes in your closet. And everywhere you look people are launching the latest and greatest.

You need to be reminded of what matters.

A coach can uncover a lot about you through the work process. Most likely you'll delve deep into what motivates your work and learn how to stay focused on just the important parts.

We walk our clients though a 70-page workbook that allows them to really explore their purpose and their intentions. From there, it's all about shining a light on what's essential and helping you move past the things that weigh you down. 

3. To work on the best version of you

When you've got big ideas, it can be hard to stay focused. Twenty things need improvement and you've barely made time today to eat.

You need to know what to tackle first.

With the help of a coach, you can understand the connections between your passions. When you have increased self-awareness, you can begin the work of improvement and see progress every day.

Enkindle clients are urged to give themselves grace. We know you're not going to be perfect at everything, nor do you need to be. We help our clients envision their ideal scenario and then set about helping them to create it. 

4. To gain perspective

We've been talking a lot lately about not seeing the forest for the trees. You know that saying? Like it's hard to even grasp the big picture when you're bogged down with minutia. 

You need an outside opinion.

A coach has the benefit of being connected to your work without the intense emotional investment. Maybe someone really needs to tell you that bubblegum pink lettering isn't attracting your ideal client. A coach is exactly the right person to give constructive feedback that helps move you forward.

The women we work with know that we care. A lot. We're like a business partner without having to share half the profits. And because we care so much, we're going to tell you what you need to know. If something needs to be improved, you've got to hear it so you can start taking action.

5. To get advice from an expert

The people who love you, love you. But they don't always know what's best. Not everyone in your inner circle has marketing expertise but you can be darn sure they've got opinions. 

You need someone who cares and knows what they're doing.

A coach is like a best friend for hire, really. They'll cheer when you cheer and cry when you cry. And then it goes a step deeper; this business bestie also has a certain expertise. This isn't like asking your husband what he thinks you should blog about—this is someone who knows what will help you be successful.

We love talking with our clients about what moves and fires them up. We invest ourselves in their success and use our expertise in messaging, marketing, and design to help them tell meaningful stories and reach their goals.