10 in 10: work edition

Ten things you can do in ten minutes or less to improve your life: work edition.

    10 in 10 work edition

    We know all about how to-do lists can get the best of a person. One minute you feel accomplished, and the next you feel like you'll never finish it all in a million years.

    And that's where our 10 in 10s come in.

    Meet ten things you can do in ten minutes or less to improve your life: work edition.

    1. Do a braindump of all the ideas, tasks, and unfinished business. Get it all in a notebook that you can sort through later.
    2. Organize your to-do list into 'immediate', 'this week', and 'this would be nice someday' categories. That's it. Only those three sections. 
    3. Identify and highlight things you can do in 2 minutes or less and do them right this minute. It'll help free up brain space (and time) later.
    4. Clean up your desktop so you're organized and clutter-free. Try a downloadable background like this from Canva to keep yourself in check.
    5. Score a project management software like Basecamp, Trello, or Asana to track all your tasks digitally. Yes, paper is nice, but this will keep you accountable. 
    6. Take every single thing off your desk and sort it into piles. Keep a maximum of four items on the top (computer included). A clear space makes for a clearer head.
    7. Set up Boomerang for your Gmail so you can draft emails while they're fresh in your mind. You can schedule them to be sent later in the week and they'll go automatically.
    8. Schedule ten minutes each Sunday (or the night before you begin your week) to go over the necessary tasks, schedules, meals, etc. You'll be able to bounce out of bed with a game plan.
    9. Turn off your social media notifications. You can leave the apps on your phone without the little red distractions popping up all day. Promise you'll be more productive!
    10. Grab a cheap folder at the store to transport papers back and forth. You'll never spend time wondering where you put those notes or that certain spreadsheet.

    Each of these things takes ten minutes or less, and we're sure they'll help you get more bang for your buck at work. You can do way more than you think—all you need is a boost. After you've implemented, hop over to Fireside and tell us how it's going. 

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