our favorite things about the holidays


The holidays can be nuts and with all the busy, it can be really easy to lose sight of what we really love about this time of year. So we wanted to share the number one thing that makes the busy, and the crazy, and the sitting next to your smelly cousin at the dinner table all worth it to each of us.


My favorite thing about the holidays is doing things with my kids. They're at great ages right now because they think everything is magic—going to look at lights, making Chex Mix, watching Christmas movies, baking cookies—they think it's all fantastic. There have even been times where we've gotten them socks and underwear and they've been ecstatic about it. 

Their expectations are so low—they're impressed with anything and everything about the season (including an elf who gets stuck and can't move at least a couple nights a week). This is both easy because we can impress them all day long, but also precious because none of the holiday garbage gets in their way. They're not disappointed or lonely or any of it. They're full of wonder and excitement and bliss. Seeing their wide eyes about everything makes me feel like we're totally doing something right.


My favorite thing about the holidays is wrapping gifts. Not the buying or giving part—but actually wrapping the boxes and creating a big beautiful bow out of different types of ribbon and raffia and twine and tulle. I love adding fun and unique elements like a string of poms and a perfectly coordinated tag. The presentation of it all is what really get me going and I love working with different types of materials to flex my creative muscles. Every time we visit my parents for the holidays, my mom saves all her gifts for me to wrap. It is like therapy for me, and a huge help to her! She even stocks up on all my favorite pearlized raffia and metallic Sharpies.

And let's lets talk about wrapping paper with gridlines on the back—the things of my OCD dreams are made of.


My favorite thing about the holidays (and really any other day too...) is gathering around food. Cooking, baking, hosting meals, sharing my favorite bottle of wine—that is my love language. The holidays present so many opportunities to do this with loved ones, and I cherish them so much. 

For me it's not just about the big, beautiful meals either. Growing up, we always ate snacks for dinner at my dad's house  on Christmas Day, We'd go through the family ringer that morning and just didn't want to think about a big meal. When I think of what makes my heart feel full, sitting in front of A Christmas Story in our sweatpants, eating shrimp cocktail and Triscuits for dinner is at the top of that list. 

Whether it's a prime rib with the fam or drinks with girlfriends to vent about the year's holiday drama, you can bet that my heart (and belly) is full.

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