our 2018 goals

our 2018 goals

Instead of listing out a bunch of goals for 2018, we challenged ourselves to narrow it down to just 3—1 personal (just about us), 1 for Enkindle, and 1 for relationships (whether that be family, romantic, friendships, or otherwise). Here's what we have planned for the new year:


Personal: I've decided to make my theme of the year openness. Generally speaking, I'm a pretty closed-off person. I don't try new things whether it be sushi or meditation. I don't accept help when it's offered. I don't speak up if I don't know exactly what to say. And I realized toward the end of this year that maybe, just maybe, I'm missing out on a lot of things as a result of staying locked tight. So I'm going to bloom a little more in 2018. 

Enkindle: Enkindle needs to (a) fuel women in the way it fuels me, (b) host an awesome in-person event, and (c) make enough money that we can see each other at least once a quarter. 

Relationship: For this one, my goal is to be all in. If I feel something, I'm going to say it out loud. If it crosses my mind to do something nice, it's going to happen in the moment instead of hoping I remember it later. I'm going to use my phone just for things I need and be available, open eyes and open heart, to the people I love.


Personal: Simplify. And purge. I need to get rid of stuff and things and papers and people and shoes that aren't serving me in the way I need them to. I only want to make room for the things and people that really matter.

Enkindle: This one is easy. I want Enkindle to make money in 2018. I want us to keep doing our thing and stay true to ourselves and each other—and I want us to make money while we do it.

Relationship: I want to be a better friend. And I know this is so lofty and not measurable, and I still don't even know what this looks like for me—but I do know that I don't feel great about my efforts this year to stay in touch with, connected to, and up to date on some of my very best friends. I feel like I leaned a little too hard into the whole I'm-a-new(ish)-mom-so-I-get-a-pass-at-not-texting-back thing. But the truth is, people are only going to put up with a lack of effort for so long—and then I'm going to end up on someone's purge list because I am not serving them in the way a friend should. Sooooo, I'm going to rely less on social media to feel like I know what is going on with my friends and focus more on reaching out to and following up with the people that matter most.


Personal: My number one goal for 2018 is to lean way into vulnerability. Whether I need help carrying something to my car or I need a friend to talk to, I want to say it out loud. I want to have at least one, makes-me-sweaty, vulnerable moment each month. I want to write it down. I want to remember that even though it's scary, it always pays off. 

Enkindle: We say what needs to be said. Even if it's scary, if tears are shed, if profanities are said, if the audio quality is junk, the words aren't beautiful enough, the photo is blurry, or the timing is off. We freaking speak it, write it, cry it, yell it until it is heard.

Relationship: I want to nurture my friendships. I want to say I love you when I mean it. I want to go for drinks whenever we can. I want to take a trip, laugh as much as possible, dance when we feel like it, cry when we have to, stay in touch, but not feel guilty when we don't. 


Will y'all help keep us accountable? And if you need some encouragement in this department as well, let us know how we can help hold you accountable to your 2018 goals in our Fireside group over on Facebook!

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