our favorite bosses

You know that woman whose work you just can't quit? Whose every move you hang on and whose work you just can't get enough of?

The one where every single time she comes across your feeds or says anything or buys new pants, you're just IN?

"I saw Regina George wearing army pants and flip-flops so I bought army pants and flip-flops."

We're talking all about the ultimate girl crush here, guys—women who are killllling it in business. We're fired up and prepared with our favorite notebooks in hand every time these ladies say any words.

So turn on your post notifications and prepare to fall in love; these are our favorite bosses.


OK mine is Shanna Skidmore, guys. She's a financial planner for business owners and I'm actually obsessed with her. Which, especially if you ask Sara, is kind of funny because business finances are not my strong suit. What I love about Shanna, however, is not her money skills but rather her genuine care for people.

The sound of her voice is a close second. Creepy? Kind of. But seriously. Go listen to her on a podcast and you'll know what I mean.

Shanna is one of those people that captivate you. You listen to her and you just know that she means what she says. She believes in earnest that we have a purpose and that we're deserving of success. I know she's good at what she does, but I get the sense that she does it more so because she believes in people—that her business is a way to use her calling, which is to make people feel capable and seen.

Shanna does not subscribe to the rat race. She takes a sabbatical a couple times a year and even left social media in 2017 because she believed there had to be more for creative entrepreneurs than chasing likes—and she was willing to be the guinea pig. Watching her makes me feel like I can do what I need to do, not just what I see everyone else doing.

She makes me feel like I can do what I set out to do. That it's OK to turn away from the sparkly distractions and get down to the real business. And I mean that both literally and metaphorically. Shanna is a great example of focusing on what really matters. Shanna is someone who keeps her eyes on the prize—no amount of squirrels in trees distract her from her purpose, and that's something I admire greatly.



One of my favorite boss babes, is Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY. I first knew she was my spirit animal when she and her husband made a video taste testing everything pumpkin spice from Trader Joe's.

First of all, Kelly is WILDLY creative and everything she does is colorful, so it instantly makes you happy and inspired! Her whole motto is making life a party, so really this is something we can all get behind. Kelly founded Studio DIY in November of 2011 and the growth she has experienced in 6 years is incredible. She has found the most unique ways to monetize her passions—the STUDIO DIY Shop features curated collections of mylar balloons, the basics to DIY any of her famous #studioDIYincostume Halloween costumes, and even a monthly clutch subscriptions featuring clutches that she designs herself (May’s was a freaking toaster pastry, I can’t even). You can tell through everything she does that she is doing the stuff that fires her up!

And while her life may look like all rainbows and butterflies (sometimes literally), she has also been very open and honest about her struggles as well. Kelly has dealt with some really hard stuff—including cancer, infertility, and a miscarriage. And she has shared these struggles along the way. Recently, she and her husband triumphantly navigated their way through the adoption process and finally became parents earlier this year. Obviously, I have never met Kelly, but I literally cried when I found out they were getting their little babe. She just has this personality that makes you want to cheer for her!

Another thing that I love about Kelly is that she is so good about connecting with her readers and followers. She really gets that they have had a big part in her success and she shows that she values them by interacting with them. Every single time that I have sent her a DM or mentioned her in a comment or story, she has always responded. And as just one of her 377K (!!!) followers, it really makes little old me feel special.



I crush hard for a lot of boss ladies, but my heart has an extra special place for Jen Gotch of Ban.do.

If you're not familiar, Ban.do is an online store dedicated to expressing yourself and having freaking fun. From gifts to clothes, accessories to office supplies, they've got an arsenal of cute, quirky, fun products for women. I absolutely adore their shop, but my heart beats for Jen because of who she is, not just as Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Ban.do, but as a human being. 

If you follow along with her on Instagram you'll get a peek into her world when it's rosy and when it's dark. She openly shares her life there as she navigates mental illness, handles the burdens life throws her way, does her best to run a company and find a healthy, happy balance in it all. Over the last year she's been totally authentic in sharing her separation from her husband as well as the massive growth of Ban.do—for better and for worse.

If you follow along with me on Instagram (while I am far less entertaining than Jen), you may draw the parallels pretty quick. I've been very deliberate in openly sharing my own separation from my husband in large part because of the immense effect her story has had on my life. The Jen Gotch way of living is 100% real—something that cannot be said for many social media accounts floating around out there today. There's a lot to learn in business and in life from someone who isn't using their time and energy to spread anything but the freaking truth. 

Whether she's dancing around the Ban.do penthouse, trying to hook up with Nick Kroll, or having the guts to show the moments when she's breaking down, she's an inspiration and I'll draw hearts around her name forever and ever. 

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