you need a website

Today the world is online. Give me one good reason why you shouldn't be there too.

you need a website

Some of the most common things I hear when I ask small businesses why, in 2017, they still don't have a freaking website are:

“I don’t think I need one because my town is so small."
"My customers aren’t online."
"I only sell at craft fairs/home parties/on Facebook."
"What I sell is too boring/too simple/not sexy enough for its own website."
"Nobody is paying attention to little old me.”

I’m not trying to cause any fights here, but I think they're all totally wrong.

When I owned my small-town bakery I garnered the attention of international wedding publications and blogs entirely from my online presence. Were they buying cakes from me in my little town of 30,000 people?


What they were doing was engaging with my content, sharing it on their channels, and spreading the word about my business—creating legitimacy for my brand.

This created a demand for my services, allowing me to book more clients, grow my business, and sell more at a competitive price; all from my small-town, brick-and-mortar, little old Wyoming business.

I see so many business owners who don't believe they need a website and suffer the consequences of that decision daily. Based on my personal experience with the power of the great and powerful internet, you can probably see why. Just imagine yourself in a new place, searching for a fun place to grab a coffee and a snack. What do you do?

Probably search Google.

If your choice is between the coffee shop with beautiful images of their store, menu descriptions, and rave reviews versus the Google listing that hasn't been updated in years with no website, no photos, and maybe a few reviews from 6 years ago, well, which one do you think you'd pick?

Or imagine your best friend just moved to a new town and is having a rough day. You want to surprise her by sending something to cheer her up. You search for unique gifts in the area to find the perfect item to send her way. If you don't have a website, I'm sorry, but you won't be found. End of story.

Things that go through a customer’s mind when they stumble into a beautiful, functional website are all things you want your audience thinking. 

  • Wow, this is beautiful!
  • If I ever visit this area, I have to check this out.
  • I want to follow along to see where else I can find these products.
  • I wonder if I could special order something from this business for my next event or for someone special.
  • This person seems to know what they're doing.
  • This business takes pride in their product.
  • I want to know more!

Maybe this isn't enough to sell you on launching yet another platform for you to manage. I get it, you are busy and you don't want to dig into another project.

I don't want to tell you to do more work. What I do want, is to see your business thrive. In order for it to be its very best, girl, it has to be present online. Today the world is online. Give me one good reason why you shouldn't be there too.

If we want takeout for dinner, we want to see the menu online (with photos!), and we want a high-functioning, gorgeous website. If a business isn't offering this to us up front, we will move on to the next, regardless of how freaking good your pot-stickers may be.

It's time you take your business to the next level. If you're not online you need to get there. Make it a priority, learn about ways to do it yourself, or find someone who can lead you along the way.

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