3 lists to change your life

There's not a woman on this planet who can do it all on her own, so we're sharing our tools to manage the chaos.

3 lists to change you life

I know you've felt like you can't get it all done. Like no matter how many things you buy or dinners you cook or pep talks you give the girl in the mirror, it just doesn't feel possible to do all you're supposed to do?

You might look around and think that the women you see have something you don't. You might wonder if you missed the day in school where they taught girls how to have it all. Or even that you're doing it wrong because your picture doesn't look as good as the girls' next door.

Here's the thing: you're so not alone in this. There's not a woman on this planet who can do it all on her own. We're all doing what we can to keep it together, and there's no shame in looking for help. So in an effort to make the load a lighter for us all, we're sharing our three favorite ways to calm the chaos.

1. The Happy List

On a day when things are going smoothly, make a list of the ten things that make you the happiest in the world. It can be memories, activities, baked goods, or even songs. Put that list somewhere that you'll see it, so even on the worst days, you can remember that there are things about your life that are so very, very good.

2. Today I Must

It's easy to roll out of bed and immediately think of the list that awaits you. The thought of having to keep up with everything and make progress in 17 different areas is enough to make you crawl right back under the covers. Instead of all that, learn to prioritize. What three things can you not live without doing today? What absolutely has to happen? Write them down and make them happen. Let the rest go.

1. Stress in a Box

This is my personal favorite because it's the most poignant. Coincidentally it's also the most difficult to remember. When the feelings of overwhelm really start piling up, take them to the boxes. Truly—take a minute and evaluate each problem: Can it be fixed? Fantastic! Make. It. Happen. Is it in one of the other three boxes? Then as hard as it is, leave it behind.


I've been there—feeling like it's all too much. Like it's not just a bad day but instead that you're a bad mom/employee/partner/driver/cook. But I promise promise promise that those things are not the truth. You can handle this. You can beat your stress. You can control your chaos.

You can focus on the positive and work to make things better.

You can love your life no matter how different it is from what you imagined.

We’d love to know your favorite tips for handling stress. Will you share them with me here or on Instagram?

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