you're not lame

You might not be the loudest voice in the room, but that doesn't mean you don't have greatness to offer.

More Than Your Dream

Our online world makes it feel like there are a whole lotta experts on a whole lotta things. Right? Everywhere you look someone's offering you tips (guilty!) to fix your life or your hair or your marriage. And right next to them are a thousand-million artists peddling their wares and showing off their creativity with no regard for those of us who can't cut in a straight line. And while it's super cool that people have an easily accessible platform to showcase their awesomeness, it can lead to a lot of self-doubt for the everybody-elses. It can make us feel downright lame.

But we aren't lame. So here's what we do instead.

Avoid mindless scrolling

You might think that thumb flicking while your eyes glaze over and occasionally clicking 'like' counts as relaxation, but I'm here to tell you it's the opposite. Not only are you hurting your eyes by consistently looking downward, you're allowing yourself to be absolutely saturated by images of lives that we are incapable of reproducing. No one's oatmeal is perfectly staged with cinnamon sticks and six blueberries in a pyramid. You start feeling lame when you remember that your oatmeal came from a tear-off package and wiggled like playdough and before you know it, you're no longer qualified to even eat breakfast. Extreme? Yes. But you know exactly what I mean.

Define inspiration

Go through the list of things you subscribe to—everywhere from your mailbox to your inbox. Are there things you see that make you feel less? If pictures of beautiful beach bodies from Shape only remind you of your love handles, then it probably isn't inspiring you to be better. Got stacks of cooking magazines that you've never even opened? They're likely not inspiring you to be a better chef. Keep the stuff that spurs you toward greatness and ditch the rest.

Remember your expertise

There are things you are good at, girl. Probably several of them. Write them down right now. Put it somewhere visible and remind yourself of your greatness when the days get hard. This might seem like it's making you lame instead of helping you remember that you aren't, but I promise it'll help. When the day is going downhill fast, it helps to be reminded of the things that are good. If you're feeling like you aren't doing enough or keeping up with your "competition," you need to remember that you know a lot about a lot.

Tell your stories

No one has been where you've been. No one has seen what you've seen. And no one can tell your stories but you. Yeah, it might feel like you're too insignificant to speak up. Like maybe you don't have enough education or money or status. But remember, no one can do your talking for you. You have things to contribute that can't be given by someone else. Who are you to speak up? You are the exact right person for the job.

You're so not lame, dear girl. You might not be the loudest voice in the room, but that doesn't mean you don't have greatness to offer. So instead of hiding in the corner, throw your hat into the ring. Tell the stories and share your heart. Give them what only you can.

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