quick and easy ways to declutter your digital world

Here are some quick and simple ways to work toward eliminating that daily overwhelm, decluttering your digital world, and finding some well-deserved space to unplug.


Feeling overwhelmed? Your phone's a mess and even on your best day you still can't stay on top of all those little red numbers popping up on your apps, right?

Friend, you are not alone.

Here are some quick and simple ways to work toward eliminating that daily overwhelm, decluttering your digital world, and finding some well-deserved space to unplug.

Social Media

  • Turn off app notifications for social media—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, group chats, etc. 
  • Move social media apps into a folder on the last page of your phone.
  • Delete Facebook Messenger from your phone.
  • Mute Instagram Stories on your business accounts. 
  • Unfollow anyone on Snapchat whose story you swipe past regularly. 
  • Weed out who you're following on Instagram a couple times a year. Eliminate anyone whose feed doesn't inspire or bring you joy. 
  • Think about the accounts on social media that make you feel bad about yourself. (That girl with the awesome abs, your friend from high school who seems to have all that and a bag of chips—you know what I am talking about. Stop torturing yourself and unfollow them. Find someone whose account provides you positive thoughts and encouragement instead.)
  • Unfollow friends on Facebook whose posts don't do it for you. (Even if it's family! Remember, this won't remove them as your friend, rather just hide their posts from your feed.)
  • For God's sake, take social-media-free weekends.


  • Write canned responses to email inquiries that you often receive. 
  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails. I am a long-time fan of Unroll.me!
  • Turn off email notifications on your desktop. (On your laptop and tablet too!)
  • Remove your email app from your phone.
  • Forward all your email addresses to one email so you can access everything in one place. 
  • Only touch emails once if possible. Open an email and handle whatever you need to instead of letting it sit in your inbox. 
  • Make labels in your inbox that are categorized by priority and make it a habit to label all messages that aren't deleted or archived. 
  • Archive necessary emails. (Such as emails with login info or details for an upcoming trip.)
  • Delete everything that you don't need and unsubscribe if you haven't already. 
  • When you are playing catchup, taking a break, or just need to unplug, set an automatic reply on your email explaining that you won't be available. You deserve a life outside your inbox and don't have to respond to every email immediately!
  • Create a personal email account for personal matters and delegate tasks within your business account to a staff member. 
  • Create an FAQ page to send people to for answers to quick questions you often receive. For example, if you are accepting resumes for employees or proposals for guest bloggers, create a page with the details they need to know, your requirements, and where to contact you.
  • Check your email once or twice a day, handle what you need to handle and move on to your other work tasks. If you check every email each time a message comes in you'll find yourself down the rabbit hole and miles away from getting your planned tasks accomplished. 
  • Don't send emails before 8 AM or after 6 PM. Don't let your clients and colleagues get in the habit of reaching you after (or before) hours. This is your time to rest. Write the email, if you must, and save it to send in the morning. 

Phone and apps

  • Put your phone on airplane mode at lunch and dinner.
  • Put your phone on 'Do Not Disturb' after 8 PM. (And don't peek until tomorrow, dangit!)
  • Move the apps you no longer use into a folder. If you don't open them after a month, delete them. (Remember they aren't gone forever!) 
  • Mute your personal phone during business hours and your business phone during personal hours. 
  • Categorize your apps into folders to make them easy to access.
  • Use shared lists at home and work for projects, housework, shopping, etc. (Wunderlist is great!)


  • Make your desktop a file-free zone. Pick one day a week and clean your desktop of everything by filing away necessities and deleting things you know longer need. 
  • Keep everything in one place. I am a Dropbox and iCloud girl, but there are plenty of options. Do some research and find what works for you!
  • Sync your calendar with your phone, tablet, and any other device. No more losing dates!
  • Backup your computer routinely on a cloud-based service like iCloud. 
  • Use a password protection service to keep your passwords in one place and protect your assets. (I use 1Password.)
  • Use shared Google Apps (Sheets, Docs, etc.) for sharing information with clients, collecting surveys, and working on shared projects instead of passing multiple Word documents back and forth via email. 

What are your favorite ways to organize your digital life? Leave me a comment below!

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