5 ways to have fun with your brand

In this big scary world of small business, branding—how you present yourself and your business, how you dress, walk and talk, how you do you—is what steers the freaking boat.

5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Brand

In this big scary world of small business, branding—how you present yourself and your business, how you dress, walk and talk, how you do you—is what steers the freaking boat. Your brand is attracting and repelling clients and partners every day.

You may think it's just that logo on your super on-trend, gold-foiled business card, or that carefully curated Insta profile—but girl, it’s so much more than that.

Today I wanted to share a few quick and simple ways to have fun with your personal brand and attract your people.

1. Add some flare

I recently spent a few hours adding funny GIFs to all of my 17Hats email templates so every quote, questionnaire, and invoice is delivered with a little something extra. I took the generic messages, tweaked the text to sound more like me, and threw in something to make my clients smile. (Let’s be real—if they don’t find immense joy in cute animals, dancing Drake, and Leslie Knope—we don’t need to be working together. 💁🏼)

You want your message to stand out from the crowd, so make it sound like YOU; add your favorite emoji and embed that video of the dancing pig that you just can't stop watching.

2. Speak like yourself

When it comes to business it's easy to clam up and start to speak how you think a legit-boss would speak. You know the drill; using words you'd never use, sounding stuffy, and trying to keep your potty mouth under wraps.

While I don't think you should kickoff every conversation with an f-bomb, I do think you need to be real. You are unique—your business is what it is because of this and you shouldn't have to fake it. People will be attracted to your business because of the personality, so let that quirky side shine.

If your speech offends someone, guess what, they simply aren't your people and very likely won't be a good fit for your business. 

3. Rock your personal style

Just like your style of speaking, how you present yourself is incredibly valuable.

Here's the deal. I have tattoos, I don't own a pantsuit, and I treat nearly every day like casual Friday. That is who I am and the people I work with know this up front. There will never be a moment when a client asks me to cover my arms because they're offended by my tattoos because they'll know that's what I bring to the table before we ever enter that relationship with one another.

Freely show your personality in your style and use it to attract your tribe.

4. Share your story

This one is simple. You are so much more than the services you offer.

Some customers want a quick and easy solution to a problem, but most want something special. You can give them that something special and unique by being real. (You're a human, not a robot, right?!)

Share a little about your life on Instagram, include some facts about what you do outside of work in your bio, show your goofy side on Snapchat. Don't be afraid to make space for something other than business in your brand.

5. Show your clients how much they mean to you

This may seem more like customer service than branding, but if you're doing it right it's one in the same.

Chances are, you went into business to help people with something—to provide them a service or product that brings them joy, solves a problem, helps them along the way, right? And chances are, you have had clients that made you feel like a million bucks. They used your service or expressed gratitude for your product in a way that made you get a little misty-eyed and feel like you were on top of the world.

Take that emotion and let your people know how much they mean to you. Send a simple handwritten note, respond to a kind Facebook comment, curate a rad gift basket for your clients and send it just because.

We all get caught up in the process of building a business brand—the logo, website, business card, flyers, the vinyl sticker for the front door. It is easy to forget the role that personality plays in it all, but fortunately—it is easy to throw that unique charm into everything with a few simple strategies.

How are showing your personality in your brand? Share below!

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