40 business goals for the new year

Before you pop that champagne—make a plan and write it down.


The new year is nearly here, which means it's time to make some goals. Most of us love a good resolution, but it can be easy to quickly spiral into overwhelm. Here are 40 ideas to get the wheels spinning as you charge into 2018! 

Don't forget: Before you pop that champagne—make a plan and write it down. I have a feeling that you are going to do amazing things this year. 

  1. Know your numbers and charge what you deserve with confidence. 
  2. Share your passion for what you do with the world and attract your dream clients. 
  3. Have a virtual coffee date each month. 
  4. Collaborate with new-to-you like-minded creatives. 
  5. Apply for a speaking gig that scares you.
  6. Travel somewhere new with your biz bestie.
  7. Join a mastermind. 
  8. Budget for a business coach or class.
  9. Create a new, totally rad opt-in for your email list. 
  10. Tell your biz-crushes how you feel. Send an email or leave a comment—just put your heart on your sleeve! 
  11. Go to a conference you've been dreaming of attending.
  12. Hire a virtual assistant.
  13. Block off work-free time/vacations in your calendar and hold yourself accountable.
  14. Delete the email app on your phone.
  15. Turn off your social media notifications. 
  16. Say "no" to something that doesn't fill you up.
  17. Say "yes" to something terrifying!
  18. Find a budget app that works for you and make one for the new year. (I am a lover of Mint for personal finances and Intuit Self-Employed for business.)
  19. Read an inspiring book every month.
  20. Share your next big project idea with your friends or favorite Facebook group. 
  21. Ask for help when you need it. (And don't feel guilty!)
  22. Ask your clients for feedback and testimonials.
  23. Write that blog post that you keep putting off.
  24. Find a dreamy photographer, get dolled up, and get some headshots taken. Now show them off! 
  25. Take at least one mental health day every month. 
  26. Go on vacation and leave your laptop behind.
  27. Meet with a financial planner and discuss the future—expansion, retirement, all the big stuff.
  28. Make an investment in yourself! 
  29. Find a passion project that brings you abundant joy and fulfills you that has nothing to do with money. 
  30. Tell a prospective client that you don't think they are a good fit. And find someone who is!
  31. Meet some of your favorite pals for happy hour and don't talk about business.
  32. Leave your phone out of the bedroom. No more hours of Pinterest browsing.
  33. Make the weekends work-free!
  34. Send your clients handwritten notes to let them know just how much you love them.
  35. Do more of what you love and less of what you don't. 
  36. Make a content schedule for your social media accounts.
  37. Brainstorm 50 blog post ideas and save it in a Google Doc for those days you are feeling uninspired.
  38. Make a work playlist that makes you feel like a total badass. 
  39. Create an automatic withdrawal in your business bank account for rainy-day savings. 
  40. Treat yourself to that pretty, new planner you've been lusting for.

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